Rebecca Vigil is an American publisher, artist, and entrepreneur. She is an Analysis Consultant, Media Strategist, a Contractor for Newmoon Law, P.C., Free-lance Writer for PULP Magazine, Community Organizer at Together Colorado, a Board member at both the Nature and Raptor Center of Pueblo and Southern Colorado Equality Alliance, and a current Artist in Residence at the Shoe Factory; a highly competitive residence. She was recently awarded a competitive grant from Colorado Creative Industries. She used these funds to purchase a new computer, an updated software. She was able to help out multiple organizations a lot of which would not be available without Colorado Creative Industries.

The specific gains to Vigi’s work can be seen in a number of organizations that reached out to her for design work in the year of 2016 thru 2017. She was able to establish her own LLC, Federal EIN, and is the process of copyrighting her trademark. Vigil was able to further customer support with her products, maximize customer reach, increase profits, advance her audience cohort analysis understanding, enhance her knowledge of metadata and search engine optimization. In 2015 Vigil was able to reach and engage with over 350,000 people and in 2016 thru 2017 Vigil was able to increase that to 600,412. This is an increase of over 71.55% in engagements and interactions. The number of organizations that utilized her services increased by 50% (8 organizations to 12). She has reached more national and international readers and customers. She was able to track high-value objectives like e-commerce transactions, sessions and page views. With the grant money, Vigil was able to help with poor performing pages and to create pages that didn’t exist. Vigil is most proud of an informational “How to Find Morel Mushrooms in Colorado” post, she published it online and it has been highly received, especially with the Colorado Mycology group. During this year she was able to create physical and digital material for 12 organizations all of which received high accolades.  

Vigil graduated Cum Laude from Colorado State University-Pueblo with her BS Degree in Mass Communications, and Associate of Art degree. Vigil funded her secondary education applying for grants and scholarships by being an active leader in her community. She is a grant recipient from the Partner Colorado Foundation, and Congressional Hispanic Caucus Institute. Vigil is an Americorps and Phi Theta Kappa Alumni.

Upon graduation, Vigil launched multiple websites, with over half a million visitors. Her work shipped to over six countries and three continents. She offers writers and artists a platform to publish their work. Her designs are published in art and literary journals, fine art galleries, and museums. Vigil is a thought leader who shares her experiences to amplify and inspire others.

Work Examples:

“Time of Your Life” – Rebecca Vigil

“Let’s Ride” – Rebecca Vigil